Double Book Giveaway: Waltz with a Stranger AND A Song at Twilight!

WaltzCover2Today, strange as it feels to write it, is the anniversary of my first book’s publication! The day I officially became an author.  And the year that followed has taught me any number of things about myself as a writer: Could I adhere to a deadline? (Yes.) Could I become a social media/promotion whiz? (The jury’s still out on that, but I think I’ve improved!) Did I have a thick enough skin to stand up to negative reviews? (Could probably be thicker, but I’m working on it.) Do I have the discipline and determination to keep doing this? (Apparently so. I’m still here, and I just passed the 50-page mark on my new WIP. Loving the story and characters too, which is even better.) And for all the angst and agita involved, I wouldn’t trade the experience of seeing my work published for anything.

SongAtTwilightFinalWhat the next year holds has yet to be discovered. But I’m looking forward to finding out! In the meantime, to commemorate the occasion, I’m giving away a copy of both of my books this week to one commenter. And thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read my work!

Do you have an official or unofficial anniversary that you enjoy observing?

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