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  1. Johanna Appel

    I loved the Heiress Series; kept me sane during a recent case of Covid. I am wondering if Harry’s story has ever been published. I am not ready to say goodbye to their corner of Cornwall.
    Thank you for this wonderful and engrossing series.
    Johanna Appel

    1. Hi, Joanna–

      Thanks for commenting, and sorry it took so long to reply. I admit to not having updated this site for a while, owing to various real-life issues. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the Heiress series, and found them good company during COVID. I hope you have made a full recovery since then, and I can sympathize–my whole family came down with it last Easter, though no one became seriously ill, since we were all vaxxed and boosted.

      In answer to your question, Harry’s story has not yet been published. When it appears, it will most likely be part of a new series. My current historical romance series, The Lyons Pride, takes place in Yorkshire and, sometimes, London. (The Advent of Lady Madeline is the first book.) I am also writing a series of fantasy novellas based on classic fairy tales–Tales Retold–and have just released a short story collection, Magic Casements. I still love Cornwall, however, and may return to it as a setting someday.

      Thanks again for writing, and for taking interest in my work.


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