The Lyons Pride

What family doesn’t have its ups and downs?

Meet the Lyons family of East Riding, Yorkshire–a clan rich in everything but domestic harmony . . .

It’s 1888, and the landed aristocracy’s dominance is waning in the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign. But unlike many of his fellow peers, Harold Lyons, Duke of Whitborough, has managed to weather the changing times. Known as “The Golden Duke,” Harold owns a sizable chunk of Yorkshire and controlling interests in various enterprises that have made him richer than Midas. Unfortunately, his success in the business world is not matched on the domestic front. Never noted for their tranquility, the Lyons family has been in tatters after a devastating loss. Five years later, the Duke summons his formidable estranged Duchess–Helene de Sevigny-Lyons–and their now-grown children to the family estate for a Christmas gathering that will change everyone’s lives.

Recommended Reading Order for The Lyons Pride

  1. The Advent of Lady Madeline
  2. Devices & Desires
  3. Intimate Delights (contains two novellas)

Of Revels And Romance


Twelfth Night

 After the life-changing events of Christmastide, the Lyons Pride is attempting to move forward. Romance, however, is on Lord Gervase’s mind as he plans a special celebration for his beloved Margaret on Twelfth Night. Meanwhile, the annual Servants’ Ball promises surprise and intrigue for those both upstairs and downstairs…


 Tilda James is an impeccable lady’s maid. Simon Farnsworth is an ideal gentleman’s gentleman. Both agree that their employers are perfect for each other and decide to encourage their budding romance. But will an upstairs match lead to a downstairs love affair, especially when old secrets come to light?

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How To Make Two Lovers Of Friends


A Little Less than Kin…

From childhood, Lady Margaret Carlisle’s life has been entwined with the rich, powerful, and contentious Lyons family, until her intended’s untimely death five years ago. Now a widow, she finds herself drawn into their intrigues once more . . . and unexpectedly tempted by a brilliant, lonely man, whose friendship she has long taken for granted.

And More than Kind . . .

They call him the Clockwork Solicitor, the perfect lawyerly device. But the icy demeanor of Lord Gervase Lyons conceals a vulnerable heart–and an undying passion for the one woman he can never have: his dead brother’s fiancée. Summoned to his family’s Christmas gathering, where old wounds will be reopened, old quarrels revisited, and old secrets revealed, Gervase receives the chance to win her love at last.

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Winner of 2017 Golden Quill for Best Historical Romance

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A Holiday Surprise


Responsible, level-headed, and invariably good-humored, Hugo Lowell, Viscount Saxby, has his plans for Christmas—and his future—all mapped out. Until a surprise invitation lands him at the country estate of Harold Lyons, the rich and powerful Duke of Whitborough.

Drawn into his host’s charming, often contentious family circle, Hugo finds himself matching wits and words with the Duke’s eldest daughter, Lady Madeline. Striking, clever, and as sharp-tongued as she is sharp-witted, Madeline is the polar opposite of the placid, proper beauty Hugo intends to marry. So why can’t he get her out of his mind? And how is it that she can persuade him to attempt things he’s never tried before? As Advent yields to Christmas, Hugo’s future becomes far less predictable…and infinitely more exciting.

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