Pamela Sherwood, Historical Novelist

 Men of honor. Women of wit. 

And the worlds big enough to hold them.

“Readers who miss the lush, sweeping romances of Judy Cuevas and Penelope Williamson will swoon with delight over Sherwood’s lyrically descriptive writing style, richly nuanced characterization, and superb sense of pacing.” Booklist

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Magic Casements

In Faery Lands Forlorn

Two magical beings find themselves on the brink of an unlikely romance…

A mysterious knight challenges all comers in a tournament…

A fairy godmother and an imp clash over the fate of a certain cinder-maid…

A magic stove sees and hears more than most appliances…

A princess sets an unusual challenge for her many suitors…

Award-winning author Pamela Sherwood draws upon classic fairy tales, legends, and myths in this captivating new collection. Sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous, Magic Casements opens twelve windows to the realms of fantasy and all the wonders they hold.

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Tales Retold (#4.0)

Of Magic, Music, and Mistaken Identities

Orphaned as a child, despised by her bitter grandfather, Tallie grows up lonely and neglected. But even poor orphans can dream—and one day, Tallie receives the chance to make at least one dream come true. Accompanied by her best friend, Silas the gooseherd, she sets off to attend the grand festival honoring the Crown Prince’s homecoming. But what starts as a light-hearted excursion becomes the adventure of a lifetime when a handsome stranger joins them on the road. Will Tallie find the courage to claim her rightful place and the happy ending she deserves?

Inspired by “Tattercoats,” Every Goose A Swan is the fourth entry in the Tales Retold series.* There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After.  

*Two companion tales–“The Faun and the Fae” and “Tea with the Godmothers”–are included in this edition.

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Tales Retold (#3.0)

What did the river bring?

Felice, the miller’s daughter, has a gift for healing. So when she and her father pull a grievously injured girl from their millpond, Felice nurses her back to health. But her new patient has a past she cannot remember—and secrets that haunt her dreams. Seeking to unravel the mystery, Felice and her family find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue, deception, jealousy… and murder.

Inspired by the traditional ballad “The Twa Sisters,” The Bonny Swan is the third entry in the Tales Retold series. There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After…


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Tales Retold(#2.0)


Alyne has served the royal family all her life, especially young Princess Helen. So what could be more natural than accompanying her now-betrothed mistress to her new home? But a funny thing happens on the way to the wedding…

Which tale is told?

A princess en route to an arranged marriage.  A servant who takes her place.  A lively, spirited horse.  A king awaiting his bride.  A goose girl with secrets.

Which tale is true?

Everyone thinks they know what happened.  But sometimes the puzzle pieces can take a different shape, form a different picture… tell a different story.

Inspired by “The Goose-Girl,” In My Lady’s Chamber is the second entry in the Tales Retold series. There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After…


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To-Hear-the-Sea-Maids-Music-Generic copy

A new fantasy series, inspired by beloved fairy tales!

Tales Retold (#1.0)

A spare princess. A shipwrecked prince. A secret love… and a deadly spell.

Linnea is used to being overlooked–and resigned to taking religious vows instead of making a brilliant marriage like her beautiful older sister. But everything changes when she discovers a half-drowned prince on the shore outside the convent. A tentative attraction blooms into something deeper, freeing Linnea to seek a new life… and her heart’s desire. But when tragedy strikes, she must battle the most powerful magic of the sea to save the man she loves from certain death.

Inspired by “The Little Mermaid,” this novella is the first entry in my new Tales Retold series. There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After


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heiress series box set

The Complete Heiress Series

This box set contains all four titles in The Heiress Series: two novels and two novellas

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A New Edition of My Second Novel

Contains revised and bonus content!

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The Heiress Series (#2.0)

She has everything she’s ever dreamed of―except the man who broke her heart…

Sophie Tresilian is the toast of Europe, a silver-voiced singer whose star is on the rise. Though desired by countless men, she lost her heart years ago to Robin Pendarvis.… but secrets from the past tore them apart. His sudden reappearance turns her world upside-down, reviving all the old pain―and all the old passion. Unable to deny the love that still burns between them, they will risk everything to be together again.But will the scandal that blighted their past destroy their future as well?

“Moving, lyrically written, and superbly inventive… A delightful way to spend an afternoon.”Library Journal, Starred Review


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A New Edition of My Debut Novel

Contains a bonus epilogue!

The Heiress Series (#1.0)

A man who never expected to inherit. A woman who never expected to wed. A choice that pits their honor against their hearts.

Scarred and lame after a riding accident, shy heiress Aurelia Newbold is resigned to her wallflower status—until a handsome, gallant stranger draws her into a secret waltz and awakens long-buried desires. A year later, a newly confident Aurelia returns to London, hoping to meet her mysterious partner again… only to find that he has since acquired a title, an estate, and a beautiful fiancee. And the lucky lady just happens to be Aurelia’s beloved twin sister.

“Sherwood effortlessly evokes the world of Edith Wharton and Henry James… Elegantly written debut with a richness and depth worth savoring.”Booklist, Starred Review


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 A Lyons Pride Collection

This box set contains all the holiday-themed works in the series, plus two bonus short stories.

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

–Winston Churchill

“Fantastic, smart historical romance with an intellectual heart. It was thoroughly enjoyable… and I’ll be eagerly looking out for further installments in the series. Five out of five cats!”

Asha, A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea

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‘Tis the season for romance… upstairs, downstairs, and in my lady’s chamber


The Lyons Pride (# 1.5)

Twelfth Night

After the life-changing events of Christmastide, the Lyons Pride is attempting to move forward. Romance, however, is on Lord Gervase’s mind as he plans a special celebration for his beloved Margaret on Twelfth Night. Meanwhile, the annual Servants’ Ball promises surprise and intrigue for those both upstairs and downstairs…


Tilda James is an impeccable lady’s maid. Simon Farnsworth is an ideal gentleman’s gentleman. Both agree that their employers are perfect for each other and decide to encourage their budding romance. But will an upstairs match lead to a downstairs love affair, especially when old secrets come to light?


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The Heiress Series (# 1.5)

Thomas Sheridan and Amy Newbold, the secondary couple from Waltz with a Stranger, get their own story!

Newly engaged, the artist and the heiress travel to Newport, Rhode Island for what remains of the summer season. For Thomas, it’s a fascinating excursion into the world that shaped his bride-to-be. For Amy, it’s a chance to spend time with the man she loves, in one of her favorite places. But a sinister secret lurks beneath the resort’s gilded surface…


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 The Lyons Pride (# 1.0)

Winner of 2017 Golden Quill for Best Historical Romance

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A Little Less than Kin…

From childhood, Lady Margaret Carlisle’s life has been entwined with the rich, powerful, and contentious Lyons family, until her intended’s untimely death five years ago. Now a widow, she finds herself drawn into their intrigues once more… and unexpectedly tempted by a brilliant, lonely man, whose friendship she has long taken for granted.

And More than Kind…

They call him the Clockwork Solicitor, the perfect lawyerly device. But the icy demeanor of Lord Gervase Lyons conceals a vulnerable heart–and an undying passion for the one woman he can never have: his dead brother’s fiancée. Summoned to his family’s Christmas gathering, where old wounds will be reopened, old quarrels revisited, and old secrets revealed, Gervase receives the chance to win her love at last.

“I loved these characters and their journey… After finishing Devices & Desires, I had such a good book afterglow that it took me several days to move on to another”Janine Ballard, Dear Author


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The Lyons Pride (# .5)

Responsible, level-headed, and invariably good-humored, Hugo Lowell, Viscount Saxby, has his plans for Christmas—and his future—all mapped out. Until a surprise invitation lands him at the country estate of Harold Lyons, the rich and powerful Duke of Whitborough.

Drawn into his host’s charming, often contentious family circle, Hugo finds himself matching wits and words with the Duke’s eldest daughter, Lady Madeline. Striking, clever, and as sharp-tongued as she is sharp-witted, Madeline is the polar opposite of the placid, proper beauty Hugo intends to marry. So why can’t he get her out of his mind? And how is it that she can persuade him to attempt things he’s never tried before? As Advent yields to Christmas, Hugo’s future becomes far less predictable…and infinitely more exciting.

“Madeline and Hugo are both appealing characters… and their romance is touching and smoothly written… ”Janine Ballard, Dear Author


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