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Adventures in Otherwhere…

In-My-Ladys-Chamber-KindleAlyne has served the royal family all her life, especially young Princess Helen. So what could be more natural than accompanying her now-betrothed mistress to her new home? But a funny thing happens on the way to the wedding…

Which tale is told?

A princess en route to an arranged marriage.  A servant who takes her place.  A lively, spirited horse.  A king awaiting his bride.  A goose girl with secrets.

Which tale is true?

Everyone thinks they know what happened.  But sometimes the puzzle pieces can take a different shape, form a different picture… tell a different story.

Inspired by “The Goose-Girl,” In My Lady’s Chamber is the second entry in the Tales Retold series. There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After…


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To-Hear-the-Sea-Maids-Music-Generic copy

A spare princess. A shipwrecked prince. A secret love… and a deadly spell.

Linnea is used to being overlooked–and resigned to taking religious vows instead of making a brilliant marriage like her beautiful older sister. But everything changes when she discovers a half-drowned prince on the shore outside the convent. A tentative attraction blooms into something deeper, freeing Linnea to seek a new life… and her heart’s desire. But when tragedy strikes, she must battle the most powerful magic of the sea to save the man she loves from certain death.

Inspired by “The Little Mermaid,” this novella is the first entry in my new Tales Retold series. There’s more than one road to Happy Ever After


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Heroine’s Journey


A princess awakens from an enchanted sleep with a longing even Prince Charming cannot satisfy… A harper answers a musical challenge from Death himself to save her father’s life… A budding enchantress must rely on her wits instead of her magic in a crisis… A queen tells a mysterious tale, with an ending no one can predict…

In these seven stories, award-winning author Pamela Sherwood explores the realms of fantasy, where magic and danger lie in wait at every hidden turning.

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