The Heiress Series

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a fortune must be in want of a husband…

It’s the late Victorian Age, and the trans-Atlantic marriage market is in full swing.  Rich, ambitious American heiresses–many of them snubbed by hidebound, old-money society at home–have descended upon England and the Continent in search of titled husbands. The union between New World money and Old World lineage will preserve the aristocracy for another generation, change the composition of high society forever, and– for a fortunate few–lead to the love of a lifetime…

Recommended Reading Order for The Heiress Series:

  1. Waltz with a Stranger
  2. A Scandal in Newport
  3. A Song at Twilight
  4. A Wedding in Cornwall


First Time In Paperback

A collection of my novellas, A Scandal in Newport and A Wedding in Cornwall, especially for print readers!

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The sea, the sand, the social intrigue…                    

Thomas Sheridan and Amy Newbold, the secondary couple from Waltz with a Stranger, get their own story! Newly engaged, the artist and the heiress travel to Newport, Rhode Island for what remains of the summer season. For Thomas, it’s a fascinating excursion into the world that shaped his bride-to-be. For Amy, it’s a chance to spend time with the man she loves, in one of her favorite places. But a sinister secret lurks beneath the resort’s gilded surface… 

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The romance continues…

Sophie and Robin are finally tying the knot! Join the Tresilians in this companion tale to A Song At Twilight, as they celebrate their prodigal daughter’s marriage to the man she has loved through years of separation and heart-breaking obstacles. Meanwhile, Sir Harry Tresilian hopes that his sister’s wedding will not be the only one in the offing. After a two-year courtship, he means to coax his skittish mistress to the altar at last. Will his cunning plan succeed? And what about that mysterious letter Sophie receives right before the wedding—could it possibly derail her and Robin’s big day? 

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She has everything she’s ever dreamed of―except the man who broke her heart

Sophie Tresilian is the toast of Europe, a silver-voiced singer whose star is on the rise.
Though desired by countless men, she lost her heart years ago to Robin Pendarvis.… but secrets from the past tore them apart. His sudden reappearance turns her world upside-down, reviving all the old pain―and all the old passion. Unable to deny the love that still burns between them, they will risk everything to be together again.But will the scandal that blighted their past destroy their future as well?

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A man who never expected to inherit. A woman who never expected to wed. A choice that pits their honor against their hearts.

Scarred and lame after a riding accident, shy heiress Aurelia Newbold is resigned to her wallflower status—until a handsome, gallant stranger draws her into a secret waltz and awakens long-buried desires. A year later, a newly confident Aurelia returns to London, hoping to meet her mysterious partner again… only to find that he has since acquired a title, an estate, and a beautiful fiancee. And the lucky lady just happens to be Aurelia’s beloved twin sister.

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Winner of the 2013 Laurel Wreath Award for Best Historical Romance